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25th March 2011  -   Show 1  -   2,612 words.

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In Nov 2005 I self-published a book warning a financial crash coming. I explained this crash was a planned event by people who consider themselves the masters of this world. These same people took down the economy of Argentina in 2000/01. They stole that nation’s money and just walked away. The Worlds politicians pretended it never happened. Just 6 years later the same financial vultures took down the world’s major economies. There is a Spiritual war in play for Humanity, Evil is winning!

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This is a show that intends to show there is an Evil Power Within America - Evil hides from view & supposedly 'Good People' are not looking!

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Eventually the American people will have to accept that maybe their Politicians are not just dumb, maybe they are morally & Spiritually corrupt. They are just puppets and their puppet masters are Evil. Bad things are being done in the name of the American people, when are the American people going to see that at the core of the glitter ball is a dark heart!

Scripted show notes
Because of the TV company’s and Hollywood vampires are now just misunderstood bloodsuckers. The line between evil and good has been blurred so that people have difficulty seeing right from wrong. It is as though an evil entity has hired a public relations company to lobby society through TV and films with positive images of emotionally troubled vampires so that vampires are seen as these misunderstood flawed tormented being’s .
Vampires are fictional but here in reality we have the banks that are now sucking the life blood from American family’s on most of the financial rungs of society from the poor into the well-off sections,,,, 60 70 80 years ago a man could work and support his family on one wage. Then society was manoeuvred into taking on debt and slowly over the years it has become the norm that it now takes 2 people working to keep the family unit going. More time at work is needed to pay off family debt and to pay a households utility and tax bills, this means there is less time for parents to have quality time with their children.
Parents are losing contact with their children because of the debt and tax pressure they face in their daily lives.

We are now in a time where that simple saying - we work to live or we live to work - has a real meaning in people’s lives.

If we work to live then that is how God intended us to live – because it implies in our time here on earth we should take time to work out why we exist.
If we live to work then that implies that in our time here on earth we only exist to work which implies that we are basically slaves who serve the corporations so that they can accumulate profit, and we are slaves who serve government paying tax so that they can fight wars that profit the corporate entities.

Slavery is an evil concept that has its roots deep in history and yet theTorah and the bible and the Koran have examples of slavery in them and they seem to not take a hard-line stand against it.
Why is this – it’s because the bible and the Koran were put together with the intention of corrupting how we should view God.
TheTorah and the bible and the Koran were both put together by a committee of powerful people that represented the temples and the church’s and the mosques of those times, their intention was to control the people through religion.
God is a fact but do we need manipulative religions to help us see god – no we need free time in our lives to think about and contemplate on the existence of God, and yet our time is taken up with having to work so many hours to enrich the corporate monsters and to feed debt that the banks have caused us to inherit and to pay tax’s to governments run by politicians who just view the general population as a money supply.
This is not by accident, there are evil force’s in this world that want to keep people living on the financial abyss knowing that keeps people in a state of fear, and that fear isolates people keeping them away from knowing God,,, because if people became aware of the warm glow of god all around them, they would then become aware of the darkness, the evil in the world that has the power of life and death over us.
If people had more time and were free of fear on so many levels then people would realise that we have become slaves to these evil ones who rule from the shadows who see people who make up society as disposable commodities and see nothing wrong in organising society so that we have no moral compass to help us see the evil where ever it is around us.   

I will re-read my show page description
In Nov 2005 I self-published a book warning a financial crash coming. I explained this crash was a planned event by people who consider themselves the masters of this world. These same people took down the economy of Argentina in 2000/01. They stole that nation’s money and just walked away. The Worlds politicians pretended it never happened. Just 6 years later the same financial vultures took down the world’s major economies. There is a Spiritual war in play for Humanity, Evil is winning!

Evil is winning.
The financial crash that the bankers caused to happen was a deliberate attack on society on every nation’s people.
In my book I explained that the Argentina financial crash was just a test run and it was planned by people in power who are evil to their cores.
Politicians know all this but they have not exposed it because they are compromised, within all political structures there are just a few decent people with good intent but they cannot fight the vast majority who are in politics to serve their own interest rather than serve the interest of the people.
Politics does not really exist to serve the people, democracy was intentionally created to give the people hope that they could change the world for the better through the power of the vote. Democracy is just a toy that the evil elite gave the mass’s to play with to keep the mass’s occupied as they the evil ones exploited and raped the world.
Communism was supported by the voting public, the people had a vote and they had a choice of candidates BUT there was only one political party.
American democracy has 2 main parties and multiple candidates in an election but the US political system has really only one master who through money and wealth controls the votes and views of the politician’. The evil elite control US politics and therefore control US politicians, They control the money supply that is pumped into the political system.

Here in the UK the 98% of MP’s in Parliament just days ago voted in favour of military action against Libya and yet only 35% of ordinary people when polled supported military action in Libya.

The generals and armed forces want military intervention because it will they hope reverse the cuts that governments are being forced to enact on the military budgets,,, but if the politicians do reverse their cuts to the armed forces then that means tax’s will have to rise because our nations are broke, there is no money because the banks had to be saved and the politicians gave the banks money that was then transferred into national debt that became the responsibility of each nations people.
And that debt can only be paid by taxing the people,,,, the debt and tax burden that people in society now face is horrendous and it will soon come to a point where there is a standoff between the politicians and the people.
We have seen that in the Arab world where the people have reached that point sooner than the USA because of the fact those countries have institutionalised poverty, there has always been a master slave relationship between the rulers and the politicians in the Arab World but the young people have through modern technology the internet & satellite TV and twitter and blogs and radio realised that they can have choices in lives, they are learning they are not slaves who live to work, they can if they choose to of their own freewill simply work to live.

Hilary Clinton addressed the world press and said that Gadhafi must stop attacking his own people and killing them with his military, Gadhafi was clearly warned that he must stop or there would be consequence’s.
Hilary Clinton stood at the podium and let the world know that America would support military action because Gadhafi was killing his own people just so that he could stay in power despite the wishes of the people that he and his family and crony’s step down.

This is the same Hilary Clinton whose husband President Bill Clinton ordered the buro of alcohol and tobacco and firearms the militarised ATF to attack the Davidians using deadly force with deadly intent at Waco knowing there were women and children and baby’s in the compound whose lives would be placed in danger.

Bill Clinton did this because his administration was under pressure on all sides, his history of womanising and affairs were causing him problems, his and Hilary’s financial dealings were being investigated by Starr and there was a possibility he would be impeached, and more importantly the ATF were in court just a few days after the start of the militarised attack on the people at Waco because they with deadly intent killed Randy Weaver’s wife and son at ruby ridge.
When I saw Hilary Clinton giving her speech at the podium I saw fear in her eyes,,, she knows that America will soon face the clash between the amoral and the evil people with power and the people with no power just as the Arab world has done.
In each of the Arab uprisings a place of prominence has been chosen and the people have set up peace camps to protest – what will happen in the USA if a group of people decide to set a up a peace camp to protest against the unwinnable wars that America is fighting causing their kids to die fighting in them, and also causing the nation’s debt to increase as the government borrows money with a hefty interest charge from the Federal Reserve that will have to be paid through taxation on society.

What will be the American political establishment’s reaction be when people from all walks of life gather to set up camp because they want change!

Deep down the American people know that the reaction will be violent, the American people have had many examples throughout their recent history.
Kent State university the National guard fired live ammunition at unarmed students killing some of them.
Members of the Africa movement in Philadelphia were surrounded in their apartment block with no-where to run and a large satchel of military explosives were dropped on the roof by police in a helicopter that when detonated killed people inside starting a huge fire with women and children being burnt to death.
Ruby Ridge the weaver family were targeted by the ATF and were subjected to overuse of force causing a mother and her son to die.an ATF agent with an automatic weapon shot Randy Weaver’s son in the back bullets up and down his spine with an automatic rifle, his mother was shot in the throat by an ATF sniper team whilst she was holding her 18 month old baby.

The 1st thing the politicians did after 9/11 was to start to restrict the right of the population to demonstrate by bringing about laws that restricted their freedom in the name of making America safe.
Homeland security has the power to break up any peace camp that is set up on American soil and the American people know that if they do take that step of protesting against the government they will be fighting on the streets for their lives and their freedom just as the Arabs and the Libyans are now.

The American population deep down know that something is deeply wrong with their country when the banks can go bust after gambling money and they are then bailed out and the debt for that bailout is then transferred onto the people as Generational Debt to be paid off through increased tax contributions that they will have to pay.
The bankers then stick the middle finger up to society and pay themselves huge bonus’s as young men and women fight and die in battles and skirmishes in deserts and mountains in faraway places so that these same bankers can live the high life as the general population of America becomes poorer by the day.

Hilary Clinton announced she will retire at the end of this term because she knows that the game is up,,, something really bad is coming and she knows it, and she wants to be out of the limelight with no responsibility and as far away as possible when it happens,,, the big issue for her now though is there enough time, will it happen before or after the next election!
In my book I said that this financial crash was organised by evil people just so they could steal the wealth of nations BUT I also said they would lose control of events and there would be a 2nd economic crash that they would not be able to stop.
The key word is events! They will lose control of events! Things will happen that they cannot control!

I have watched these Arab uprisings with amazement, the bravery of the people is amazing.
I have done other radio shows here on Blog Radio one of them is called The Deafening Silence radio show and in my last one I talked about the real reason Jesus died on the cross.
Jesus did not die on the cross to take our sins from us,,, Jesus died on the cross to show us not to be afraid to die!

The controllers of the 3 major religions and politics are terrified when it gets to the stage where people are not afraid to die, we are seeing it in the Arab world as unarmed Muslim people take on tanks and defy the military snipers, and we saw it at Waco where America Christian’s on American soil defended themselves as they were attacked and murdered by the ATF whilst under the command of President William Clinton.
Go and watch the video’s on my show page - Waco Terms Of Engagement and Waco New Revelations, take the time to watch and learn the truth of what really happened at Waco.
Will the American people ever have the raw courage that those Christian people had at Waco… will American people like those at Waco truly value their freedom so much that like Jesus they are prepared to die having learnt the lesson of Jesus dying on the cross, that we should have no fear of death.
People have to break free of the fear of just day to day living that they have been programmed to feel as they are being programmed to see vampires as emotionally troubled misunderstood blood suckers.

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