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Evil Is Winning, People Just Cannot See That They Are Fighting The Wrong Enemy!

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Why have I called this blog Dumb America666?

America is the only nation that can realistically take on the Evil Elite who feel that they are the rightful masters of the world.
This evil elite live in fear of the possibility that the American people will one day become aware of the fact they have been intellectually dulled, and blinded by jingoistic propaganda, and made to feel that America is this worlds #1 nation and all others are just there to be subjected to America’s collective will.
Liberty is a word that is treasured by Americans and yet they feel others nation’s peoples are not entitled to it. Americans though if they become spiritually self-aware soon realise that they themselves are not free in any sense of the word.
If the IRS say that you owe them money they will take everything you have and they will leave you and your family destitute. They will even take money from the bank accounts of your children to pay what they demand from you, even if the amount is just a few dollars.
People live in fear of poverty, they are conditioned by relentless media pressure to feel insecure and always be looking for someone to blame if things in life seem to be getting tough.
The bankers by their actions have robbed nations and their people of their wealth but here we are just a few years down the line and governments are cutting aid programmes and welfare to the poor saying they are a drain on society, yet we now see the bankers are getting record bonus’s.
When banks where in dire straits they had money poured into their system that was then transferred as debt onto the nations people. Every citizen whatever their financial circumstances has the same proportion of the national debt in their name. The IRS makes sure that every worker is taxed and the government applies individual itemised tax’s wherever it chooses making sure everyone regardless of their circumstances is paying off the national debt.
The middle income earners are terrified of losing what they have, but since the economic crash of 07/08 the value of their properties and their money has declined, but more importantly the value of their savings have been reduced by the actions of the banks and not by the poverty of the poor.
25 years ago if you had money saved in the bank you received a healthy percentage return for allowing the bank to look after your money, your savings, your pension.
For every Dollar you had in the bank they through their system of lending created 9 ‘IMAGINARY’ dollars that they then lent out to borrowers for a charge/fee/percentage (just like the Mafia). The banks grew greedy, they created investment banks that worked parallel to the savings banks, and slowly over the years they attacked the depositor on 2 fronts.
On one front they coerced politicians in varied ways to ease restrictions on how the banks savings and investment & Pension funds operated, and the banks also had the politicians enact laws that reduced government supervision of the banks allowing the banks to create investment schemes that were built on shifting financial sand.
The banks then slowly bit by bit reduced the percentage that savers received on savings/pensions they had in their banks. This percentage reducement meant that savings/pensions were not covering natural inflation within the economy.
Savings/pensions were losing value sat in the savings bank, they were not working for the saver, and the banks pointed this out to the saver telling them that they could get a greater return for their money if they moved their money across to the Investment bank.

If this was a war (Bank against Saver) this would be described as a classic pincer movement.
It was done slowly over a decade or so but soon people forgot that that they used to receive a healthy percentage on their savings and their minds were dulled and they just accepted that their savings/pensions were now invested/gambled in/on the stock market by the investment banks.
The banks now made a charge on the saver for the money they had in the bank that the bank now invested on their behalf taking a cut/percentage on each investment deal (just like the Mafia).
In 25 years the situation had changed from a saver having money in the bank and being paid a healthy return by the bank, to where savers had money in the bank and the saver paid the bank money to gamble it on their behalf in the hope that the bank made some money for them by investing/gambling it in the stock market and elsewhere in the many new financial schemes that the banks created through de-regulation.

This change in basic banking was just a way to steer the cash of people to where the evil elite wanted it. They pulled the plug and the money just vanished from the economy and then governments had to scramble to create ‘New Money’ in a scheme that was childishly called ‘Quantative Easing’. This just means a huge vast quantity of new money was printed to ease the financial crisis.
The money was printed by each government’s central banks that are not government owned banks.
The Central Banks are actually owned and managed by private banks who are the same banks that lost all the savers/investors’ money.
The Federal Reserve is a ‘Private’ bank! The Bank of England is a ‘Private’ bank!
These Central Banks (that are in reality the big banks sitting on a board together) printed thousands of Billions of Dollars then lent all this money that was created through Quantative Easing to the government who placed the debt onto the citizens of their nation, and for that privilege of being allowed to borrow that money, the government, the nation’s people were also made to pay a prime interest percentage on the top of loan amount.
The money raised by Quantative easing was then distributed to all the banks who in reality make up the board of the Central Bank, and the money having been placed in their bank vaults meant they were then through their system of lending able to create 900 Billion ‘Imaginary’ Dollars for every 100Billion Dollars printed through Quantative Easing.
The banks then unbelievably lent back to the government those Imaginary Dollars just as they would any borrower for whatever percentage charge they ‘secretly’ agreed with the government.
The extra loans government are taking on are needed to fund the wars that are being brought about by the Evil Elite who are making vast profits as they control the industry’s that are fuelling the wars and conflicts.

To get away with this the Evil Elite had to dull the American intellect so that they could not see this simple Globalised Ponzi scheme for what it is!
To get away with this the Evil Elite had to convince the Middle Income workers and the lower wealthy class’s that the Poor were the financial drain on the nation’s economy.
To get away with this the Evil Elite have had to distract the American people by creating enemies wherever they looked around the world. And the willing media told the American people who their enemies were. 9/11 was not masterminded by Arabs in the mountains of Afghanistan, it was masterminded by the Evil Elite in their private clubs and in their gigantic mansions and palace’s.
And to get away with this the Evil Elite created ‘unwinnable’ wars to increase the insecurity of the American people so they would not look for the truth of what really happened on 9/11.
Check out the videos at the top of the page of the Truth Movement and their fight to find the truth.
Check out the videos at the side of World Trade Centre Building 7 coming down.
If you after watching it come down you decide it ‘Just Fell’ then you can rest easy believing the official version of 9/11, BUT if you watch it and decide that the 47 storey building was demolished then you have to ask yourself “How Can You Believe Anything The Government Said About 9/11”

Young American servicemen and women are now in valleys in Afghanistan fighting tribesmen in sandals in the pretence it is making America a safer place.
And when he/she sits there watching the hills around them looking for the enemy and raises the water bottle to their lips to drink they may just ponder on the fact that the bottle of water was transported over vast distance’s by private companies that were created by the Evil Elite who then charged the taxpayer a huge amount of money for every bottle of water they moved into the conflict zone.
There is a profit for the Evil Elite in robbing a country’s wealth, and there is profit for the Evil Elite in unwinnable wars.

The Politicians know that the ecomomy was wrecked by this Evil Elte as they knew that Bernie Madoff ran a Ponzi scheme.

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  1. I don't suppose you wonder why you have no comments. You are an ignorant fool, study Sharia then you will have a clue what is at stake in the sand box.

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    I usually don't "pick a fight" but I'm disturbed by the comment from jcscuba. "You are an ignorant fool". There's a way to debate without it being insulting OR are you a shill? Let's see if you [jcscuba] can handle this comment like an adult. Oh... and by the way... before you spout unnecessary language and insulting a person before you seek full knowledge, check this comment from Zbigniew Brzezinski: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HFaJohG2vo

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