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In Nov 2005 I self-published a book warning a financial crash coming. I explained this crash was a planned event by people who consider themselves the masters of this world. These same people took down the economy of Argentina in 2000/01. They stole that nation’s money and just walked away. The Worlds politicians pretended it never happened. Just 6 years later the same financial vultures took down the world’s major economies. There is a Spiritual war in play for Humanity, Evil is winning!

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This is a show that intends to show there is an Evil Power Within America - Evil hides from view & supposedly 'Good People' are not looking!

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Dumb America - Gullible America – Comatose America –Maybe these descriptions of an America in crisis are harsh, but what is certain Americans have totally lost a grip on where their politicians are taking the USA. There are an evil elite who have big plans for the USA’s demise and the politicians of both the Republican & the Democrat party are accomplices in this huge conspiracy to reduce Americans to the status of wage slave. The evil elite have to take away the national identity of Americans, they have to in some way make Americans forget how the USA came into existence and have Americans forget that they exist as a nation because people wanted freedom from empire. 

I always do show scripts and I have a general idea what I will talk about but what usually happens in the days before a show is something totally changes what I thought I would be talking about.
My big change came on Wednesday when reading my emails I spotted a very small news story that I will talk about later in the show.
So now here I am in the early hours of Friday putting a show together based around this glimpsed story that I feel will have a huge negative impact on American society.

I have talked in many of my other show about how NAFTA is something that is wanted by the Illuminati who I now simply call The Evil Elite because they want a world that is all the same, they want a world where the people are easily controlled and where there is no difference between nations so that people cannot compare their life within their nation to another nations people’s lives because all peoples in all nations lead the same life ruled by tamed politicians who all conspire to keep the citizens ignorant of how this world is really managed and run by The Evil Elite.

As I said at the opening of the show the banks financial crash was a planned event that has seriously weakened the USA and another plan that the evil elite have to reduce Americas power even further is to bring about NAFTA The North American Free Trade Area.
The American people were originally told that NAFTA would just be the USA Mexico & Canada but the politicians always known that this would just be the start. 
The evil elite have plans to create a politically united North & South America, and just so that people think that politicians are not all of one voice the evil elite always make sure that a few chosen politicians show some dissent and challenge the big ideas that shape a nation but in reality these voices of protest are just token ones and they just give the impression that there is a national debate going on in the senate and in congress whereas the truth is in the back rooms the deals are done and the plan moves on regardless of what the people think.

Here is part of a report of a speech that President Bush made on Dec 23 2008 in New Orleans during a 2 day meeting of the NAFTA 3 the USA Mexico & Canada where they discussed the future inclusion of Columbia in NAFTA.
[  NEW ORLEANS Dec 2008 - President Bush used a summit meeting yesterday with the leaders of Mexico and Canada to push for congressional approval of a controversial free-trade pact with Colombia and to reiterate his belief that the struggling US economy is not experiencing a recession.
"We're not in a recession," Bush said as he concluded a two-day summit here with President Felipe Calderón of Mexico and Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada. "We're in a slowdown. We grew in the fourth quarter of last year. We haven't [seen] first quarter growth statistics yet. But there's no question we're in a slowdown. And yeah, people are concerned about it."
Trade and economic issues dominated the fourth annual meeting of the three North American neighbors, whose leaders are bucking protectionist sentiment at home, including new attacks from the Democratic presidential candidates against the 14-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement, which includes Canada, Mexico, and the United States.
As he concluded the two-day summit here with the other leaders, Bush also offered perhaps his most pointed defense of NAFTA, which has been under fierce fire from Senators Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois.
"Now is not the time to renegotiate NAFTA or walk away from NAFTA," Bush said during a joint news conference with the two foreign leaders.
Bush also criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, for holding up a vote on the Colombia deal. He secured an endorsement for his efforts from the other two leaders.
"I worry if the United States, in the end, refuses this agreement with Colombia," said Canada’s PM Stephan Harper during the leaders' joint news conference. "We have important allies in Colombia. Colombia is fighting against political violence, against the [Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia]. They fight against drug traffickers. And I think that a rejection of or turning our backs to such an ally as Colombia could create long-term problems for our countries in South America."
Calderón also indicated he would like to see Congress approve the Colombia deal. "It's extremely important, I think, to bear in mind that when you provide more opportunities for trade in the Latin American region, there will be many more opportunities for prosperity," he said.
Bush's comments on the US economy were consistent with his refusal to describe current economic conditions as a recession, commonly defined as two consecutive quarters in which gross domestic product falls. Although that has not happened, the Federal Reserve has reported that economic conditions have weakened, with manufacturing output down 0.5 percent in the first three months of 2008, consistent with a recession. And in congressional testimony this month, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said that a "recession is possible," but growth could pick up later in the year.  ]

President Bush in That news story shows that he was still in denial regarding the state of the US economy, Bernanke was at that time in Congressional hearings making possible growth predictions even though Lehman’s had gone bust and other big banks had gone and almost gone to the wall just a few months before, but hey the politicians were primarily concerned with making the case for enlarging NAFTA to include Columbia not dealing with the economy that as they said was slow but would improve.

I did other shows a few years back where I talked about how President Bush in a speech a few days after 9/11 and in the last days of his presidency made speeches backing the inclusion of Columbia in NAFTA. President Bush has a long history of supporting Columbia’s entry into NAFTA and there in that report you heard how President Bush highlighted the fact that Senator’s Hilary Clinton and Obama were critical of NAFTA and also criticized House Speaker Pelosi for delaying a vote in the house regarding this.

So Hilary Clinton and the now President Obama opposed NAFTA back in 2008.
Well it’s all changed in 20011.
This is the short news report that decided what I would be talking about on today’s show,
It is from Wednesday 6th April.

[  Obama To Approve Free Trade Pact With Columbia.
President Barak Obama will meet Columbian President Manual Santos in the Oval Office on Thursday.
The two leaders will initial a free-trade pact that the Whitehouse says is a vital part of Obama’s economic agenda.
The administration estimates the pact will boost US exports to Columbia by more than $1 billion a year and could support thousands of American jobs.
The deal has bipartisan support in Congress, which must approve the agreement before it can be implemented.  ]
(dictionary meaning od Initial - adjective 1. of, pertaining to, or occurring at the beginning; first: the initial step in a process.)

Obama was that token voice of dissent back in 2008 but he is now with the programme regarding the integration of Columbia in the NAFTA free trade agreement. But he always was he was just an actor saying his lines back in 2008.
I did a show on my Message In A Box radio show on January 31 2010 where I talked about President Obama’s State Of The Union Speech and I talked about how it shows that President Obama is a servant of the Catholic Vatican

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Here is the description for that show.
Has The Vatican Left Its Grubby Paw Prints All Over President Obama's State Of The Union Speech? Biden Was Smiling So Yes I Think They Have! - Listen through to the end where i play the section of the State Of The Union speech that shows Obama Is The Vatican’s Man!

The catholic Vatican has a malign cancerous influence in American politics and I talk about it in depth in that show and I explain that the Vatican wants the USA to integrate with South America so that in the coming years the USA will be flooded with Hispanic people from south America who will then become voters who will have a say in who becomes president leading to a Catholic president who serves the Vatican doing their bidding. Take some time to go listen to that particular show. In that show I pinpoint the moment that Obama gives the game away in his State Of The Union Speech that he is the Vatican’s man.
Obama is just completing what Bush initiated and was planned a long time ago by the evil elite.
The border of Mexico is a beyond belief brutal war zone as gangs fight for control of the border ready for when the NAFTA freetrade agreement is in full swing and the last drug gang standing will control the border area and control the flow of drugs from Mexico and Columbia and other south American countries into the USA.

The massive increase in the flow of drugs into the USA that will come with the NAFTA agreement is all part of the evil elite’s plan to flood the USA with drugs. These cheaper more available drugs will finish off the job of breaking down the family unit in the poorer community’s.
Not just black family’s but white and Hispanic community’s will see an increase in drug use and an increase in family breakdowns.
The Vatican knows all this but their priority is gaining control of the American political machine, they have big plans for the American people and the Vatican requires that the USA be broken financially and spiritually to complete the takeover and flooding the country with drugs is just one way to achieve this breakdown of society. 

The evil elites plan requires that the USA be flooded with Columbian Cocaine and it’s all going according to plan as far as I can see, the evil elite are winning their spiritual war against the American people as the American people just sit comatose on the couch and watch the Big Game as the real big game of LIFE sneaks by them.

Official Whitehouse release/press statement  7th April 2011
Remarks by President Obama and President Santos of Colombia After Bilateral Meeting
Oval Office
4:18 P.M. EDT
[  PRESIDENT OBAMA:  It is my great pleasure to welcome President Santos and the rest of the delegation from Colombia here to the White House.
I had the pleasure of meeting President Santos shortly after he was elected, on the sidelines of meetings at the United Nations, and we are now continuing our conversation.
The United States has an enormous interest in the development of Latin America and an enormous interest in progress in Colombia.  We have been a partner there as Colombia dealt with some very difficult times and has now blossomed into a strong democracy that is respectful of human rights and is moving forward vigorously to provide economic opportunity for all of its people.
President Santos I think is at the forefront of a progressive and thoughtful agenda within Colombia.  He’s obviously initiating a whole range of reforms.  Colombia is also a leader when it comes to security in the region, and we are glad that we’ve been able to partner with Colombia not only to deal with security situations inside Colombia, but now increasingly Colombia can be a role model for the rest of the region.
And I just realized I was going to have translation, so let me stop there, and then we can continue.
In short, Colombia is one of our strongest partners not only in the region but around the world.  And when we met in September, I suggested to President Santos that we should do even more to deepen and strengthen our relationship.  And in pursuit of that deepening relationship, I dispatched my team to Colombia to discuss how we can finally move forward on trade agreements between our two countries.
So today, I am very pleased to announce that we have developed an action plan for labor rights in Colombia, consistent with our values and interests, but more importantly, consistent with President Santos’ vision of a just and equitable society inside of Colombia.  And we believe that this serves as a basis for us moving forward on a U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement.
Now, there’s obviously a lot of work to do to translate this action plan into reality.  And we are going to continue to engage with President Santos and his administration in an active process to ensure good working conditions, to make sure that trade unionists are protected, to make sure that we’re creating a level of playing field for business and workers here and around the world.
And so I very much appreciate President Santos’ efforts.  He emphasized to me how important this is to him personally and the fact that Colombia sees a vision for its country in which all workers are treated fairly.  And I have great confidence in his ability to be able to execute on this plan, and we look forward to working with him on it.
Now, obviously, the United States represents an important market for Colombian businesses, and so this is going to be a win for Colombia.  It’s also a win for the United States.  This represents a potential $1 billion of exports and it could mean thousands of jobs for workers here in the United States.  And so I believe that we can structure a trade agreement that is a win-win for both our countries, and I’m looking forward to working with President Santos to ensure that both countries benefit.  And this will help me meet my goal of making sure the United States has doubled exports over the coming years and that we’re as competitive as we can be in a global marketplace in the 21st century.
Finally, let me just say that President Santos obviously has strong connections with the United States and particularly with the Kansas Jayhawks.  (Laughter.)  We were both disappointed that Kansas did not go all the way, but President Santos assures me that there’s always next year.
And so I appreciate President Santos not only for having faith in my bracket, but also having faith in the strong relationship and friendship between the United States and Colombia.
And I am looking forward to visiting Colombia next year for the Summit of the Americas, in which I think, under President Santos’ leadership, I’m confident we’ll be able to do a lot of work to strengthen relations with all the countries in the hemisphere.
So, President Santos, welcome.
His English is better than mine, but he may decide to present in Spanish and have it translated into English so he can speak to his people back home.
Thank you.  ]

PRESIDENT SANTOS:  (As translated.)  Well, I’m going to be speaking in Spanish because I’d like to have all of my countrymen in Colombia able to hear me.

        [  First of all, I want to thank President Obama very deeply.  I want to thank him personally and I also want to thank him on behalf of the Colombian people, and thank his administration for welcoming us to the White House and to the United States at this time.  I know it’s a very intense political time for you, so I think you very specially.
We met back in September, as the President said, and we decided then that we wanted to strengthen our relationship and we wanted to broaden our relationship.  And I think that since then we’ve made good progress.  And within that progress that I’ve referred to, the most important thing for Colombia, of course, is the good news that we’ve had with regard to the free trade agreement today.  We’ve been working on getting a green light for this to go to Congress for five years, and we got that green light today.

This is a very important event for Colombia.  It’s important not just because of our foreign trade but also because of our relationship with the United States and for the progress and development of Colombia.  We’re extremely pleased as a result because this is part of the development plan that we’re working on for Colombia to achieve development and even better progress with social justice.
And President Obama and I share common values -- values having to do with democracy, the progressive ideas that we share -- and this event takes us one step further in the defense of those values.  The free trade agreement for Colombia means more jobs; it means more trade, more investment, more prosperity as a result.  But the same is true for the United States.  The United States has been losing markets in Colombia because of the free trade agreements that we have already signed with other nations.  Now that relationship is going to become more balanced and the trade balance between us is going to be corrected.
The action plan that is giving the green light to the free trade agreement is one that establishes stronger defense of workers -- physical defense of workers.  And in it, we put down in black and white objectives, and along with those objectives, a date for each one.
The first date we have set forth is April 22nd.  April 22nd is going to carry with it a series of commitments with regard to worker protections, worker rights, the strengthening of justice.  And so we are going to start off on April 22nd with making a presentation to Congress.
And so a number of measures are going to be taken after that with regard to objectives having to do with democracy, where the rights of all, and especially the rights of workers, are going to be guaranteed and protected.  This important step is going to strengthen our democracy, and it’s going to re-strengthen the capacity that we have to defend our workers’ rights.
And, finally, the President and I had an opportunity to touch on other issues on the agenda that we share.  Opening up the way for the free trade agreement allows us to take our strategic relationship even further.  We discussed things like the upcoming Summit of the Americas, which is going to be hosted by Colombia in April of 2012, in the city of Cartagena.
We talked about how we will work together to follow up on President Obama’s historic Latin America visit, a visit in which in his speech he presented an outline of how the United States will be working with Latin America.  And we want to take specific actions now on Latin America and the United States in the relationship that they will be developing in the future.
As you know, the United States has a growing Hispanic population.  This is a very important link with Latin America, and we want to strengthen it even more.
Thank you.  ]

And there it is in a nutshell in that last line of the Columbian Presidents speech,,, a warning to Obama and other presidential candidates that America has a large Hispanic population who will be voters in coming elections.
This catholic infiltration was planned a long time ago by the evil elite the illuminati and anyone who has spoken up against them has had their careers ended or they have died in mysterious circumstances.

The evil elite control American politics,,, there is no-one of any stature who will stand up to them… people have stood up to them in the past and they have died for speaking out. The evil elite tolerate no-one who they think will wake up the general population.
I am also going to play a video from Around May of 1983, of US Georgia Congressman Larry McDonald being interviewed in a hostile mocking manner approximately 4 months before being shot down whilst on commercial flight KAL007, the Korean airliner shot down by a Russian Mig with the loss of everyone on board. Congressman Larry McDonald takes on Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden on Crossfire as they badger him about his new role as Chairman of the John Birch Society. He easily handles them and answers questions concerning the Evil Elite's Conspiracy for a One World Government…
When you listen to this just take note of how Pat Buchanan tries to be all pally and jovial and tries to make fun of Congressman McDonald and Tom Braden an elderly arsehole tries to make Congressman McDonald look small and stupid but Larry McDonald calmly takes it in his stride and makes an excellent case for the fact that a global elite are running this world and they are tightening their grip and are slowly reducing us to slaves in servitude……. Larry McDonald was a Democrat and a virulent anticommunist who took the communist threat seriously and considered it an international conspiracy. He stood up for America and 4 months later he was dead.

Congressman Larry McDonald - There Are A Global Elite Enslaving The World! - Then He’s Killed.

I think that Larry made a good case for an International Elite who are planning a one world Government…. A New World Order who are conspiring together to achieve their aims….
Conspire - Plan together in secret: act together as if by design…
Conspiracy - plan made by conspiring

There are an international Elite who have a plan for this world, they get together and they decide upon courses of actions that they will take in the short term and over the long term that will bring about the world they want.
They meet they plan they act and what the rest of the world wants is of no relevance to these people, A tiny proportion of this world are deciding how the other 99.99999% will live their lives and if they get their way they are really in reality deciding how the other 99.99999% will in reality merely exist!!!

Because of all this debt that they have saddle us with we are now slaves,,, our houses are our cells which we will leave to go on work detail,, we will earn what they decide we earn,,,, and they will take their percentage… our communities are our prisons without walls,,, and there ready in case we resist their plan are the guards the militarized police forces and Homeland security and the private Blackwater gunmen and others in the background who took such pleasure in intimidating ordinary people after Katrina whilst they were at their most vulnerable….

Why are these 0.00001% the elite those with dark souls doing this….

Because this is their version of The Garden of Eden!

It’s not the bible one where the garden provides everything humanity needs and all one has to do is worship and obey God….
These people bow down to no God… they will not share their Garden of Eden with a mere Universal Creator…. They want to have slaves do the work in their garden of Eden and they want the slaves to fear them and fight each other for any favors that they may grant….
It’s a sick warped garden of Eden but it’s their version and they fully intend to get it.

In that film Larry McDonald showed his interviewers are just servants of the evil elite, he spoke well he had a golden future of exposing the evil elite so they killed him.

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